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Click HERE, instead, to check the full WBHC 2017 programme.
The area where the parcours will be built is located near Castellina in Chianti. 
There are two ranges area (4 ranges in each area). The first one is around Hotel Ricavo, the second one is located near to the Hotel Villa Casalecchi

Parkings for Ricavo Ranges (shuttle buses):
P1 San Donato in Poggio (GPS N43.534194, E11.241448)
P2 Castellina Campo Sportivo (GPS N43.459300, E11.290979)

Parkings for Castagneto Ranges:
P3 Ranges 5C, 6C and 7C (GPS N43.460560, E11.294281)
P4 Ranges 7C and 8C (GPS N43.456841, E11.295926)

wbhc ranges location

Registration and bowcheck will take place in Florence, inside the Visarno Hippodrome, located in the Cascine's Park